Online Content Rewards Tool

Reward staff and clients for sharing your content, products and services.

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You won't find anything like this one on IndieMaker because I'm selling a business that had $28,000 in NET profit for only $5000.

Message me for a video demo link so you can see how it all works (it's impressive)!

I have over $75,000 invested in the platform but have a great reason for selling so keep reading!

The project can be explained to business owners in 1 sentence:

"Your Staff and clients are rewarded for sharing your content, products and services on their social media pages and allowing people to purchase these offers and book with you directly through the app."

Businesses can either spend money advertising or have their staff, clients and fans help share content on their social media pages.

The reason it works is because...

For each piece of content shared via the mobile app the user earns points that can be redeemed for prizes, gifts and swag.

How this got started 4 years ago...

I originally developed this app and platform for my car dealerships as a way to generate leads by creating a $9.99 oil change offer and then having my staff share it on their social media pages.

Each person earned points for simply sharing the oil change offer on their social media pages.

The reason it worked so well is that for someone to get the $9.99 oil change offer they had to opt-in and claim the offer which generated a lead or they could pay for the $9.99 oil change right then and there.

For example, if Amy (my employee) shared the oil change offer and her friend Sara claimed the offer the app would send Sara the coupon via text, Amy would be notified that she generated a lead and Sara's information would be tracked and recorded in the app.

To further expand we also invited our clients to help share the offers and really knocked it out of the park because we had hundreds of people sharing our offers with their friends and family on social media.

They'd share content because they were rewarded for it with the points system built directly into the app which eventually replaced our old, outdated Referral Program.



- Staff & clients download app from iTunes or Google Play

- Create offers and put them in the program.

- Have staff start sharing offers via the mobile app

- Soon you'll have an army of people sharing your content



1. Sell platform to businesses as a one-time fee ($4K-$15K)

2. Offer as a hosted solution and charge monthly ($200-$1000 per month)

3  White label platforms to marketing agencies, web developers, etc for a yearly fee ($3K-10K)

You can also create an additional revenue source by charging a $99-$399 DESIGN FEE to clients for designing, uploading and optimizing the content they want to put into the app.

The best part is you can outsource everything - or do it yourself.

From the web-based admin portal businesses can manage their entire app and leads, users, stats, offers, messages, conversations, points and more.

The program is set up to be multi-tenant so you can add unlimited businesses to the platform and each one will have its own unique dashboard.

If you're looking for a great long term business with multiple ways to monetize in the social media space this is for you!

Message me and I'll set you up with a demo user account.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Market this platform and mobile app to businesses owners who are looking to get content, products and services distributed. 

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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