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This is a 4-month-old fully outsourced SEO service, built from scratch in October 2020, The site makes money from selling outsourced service which is: Soloads , Backlinks , Email Services. The site has generated a total net profit of $5818 and total revenue of $14026 since it was founded, The website can reach 6 figures very fast, for the new owner we will provide all the contact for our service provider and we will make sure that everything is is working, The cost for the services is 30% of the services price so we make 70% profit . For example if someone buy a soloads service and he pay $360 so our profit is $252 and $108 for the supplier which is the cost of the service .

The Advertising cost is $1000 monthly I hired a freelancer who handle the the marketing, he will work with new owner

This site is a great opportunity for buyers looking for an already established business that’s making a monthly passive income on autopilot.


Monthly Tasks


1 : Advertising, you will choose the budget that you want to invest on advertising for the entire month and you can ask the advertising manager for recommendation and for advertising plan after that you will send the budget to him and he will start advertise the business for that month.


2 : fulfillment Orders, Once the order is placed by the customer you will receive an email with the order details & invoice then you should forward the email to the supplier once he receive it he will complete and deliver the order to the customer.


3 : maintaining the website , the website is been setup to automatically update each plugin or tools once a new update is available so you don't have to updated manually or check for new updates every day and once a plugin is been updated you will get an email from the WordPress panel saying which plugin is been updated and when also incase if something goes wrong with the hosting company and the website gets down you will get an email so you can contact your hosting provider immediately.


4 : answering customers questions and replying to comments if there is one , once a question or comment is been place you will receive an email and you answer the question or reply to comment this applied also to any support ticket or problem with order ....etc


5 : and you can do everything from the WordPress dashboard for ex : comments , orders , reports , update the plugins , adding product or deleting product ...etc , and you can print any data that's you want including the reports the invoices the order details the customers list...etc .


I will be there to help you in any technical problems or question's and provide a live support if you required. 


What’s Included in the Sale


Free install & setup (optional)

Fully Responsive & Support for Mobile Viewing

SEO Friendly Website

Professional looking, Clean and Elegant design

Wordpress website showing monthly profit growth

No Maintenance Needed

The domain name registered on Namecheap

1 Year free hosting (optional)

Ownership of all of the site files, including images, textual content, and featured image templates

3 months of support to get you on your feet

A 2 year ‘non-compete’ agreement


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Who we are ?


We are a team of internet marketing & website developers with over 14-years. We provide value to our customers and go beyond their expectations.

Why I'm selling this website ?

To invest the time and the money on the mystart-up company and other projects.

Tools & Technologies

WooCommerce, Wordpress


Advertising, Email, SEO

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

Your Options

Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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