PDF Chat Tool with 70 000 Users

Profitable SaaS with $40,814 in TTM revenue allows users to interact with PDFs.

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My dynamic startup has achieved remarkable success in a short span of time. Over the past 2 months, we've garnered an impressive 220,000 visitors, boasting a strong user base of 70,000 registered users, and a substantial 3,000 paid customers. What truly sets us apart is the tool's exceptional potential to magnify revenue by an astonishing 100 times within just two months. This potential is further fueled by its robust API support, versatile business solutions, and the option for a white-label adaptation. Additionally, our tool consistently generates a substantial volume of leads, particularly tailor-made for customized solutions. Our innovation has not gone unnoticed, as we've captured the attention of industry giants such as UNDP, Amgen, and Intel managers, all of whom have engaged with our product. My tool also offers an ingenious approach to enhancing customer support solutions, providing a comprehensive package that caters to diverse business needs

Profitable SaaS with $40,814 in TTM revenue and $40,000 in TTM profit that empowers users to seamlessly upload PDF files and engage in interactive conversations based on the content of the uploaded PDFs. Evidencing a promising market entry, the tool has made a strong initial impact. 
✅ $40,814 in TTM revenue 
✅ $40,000 in TTM profit 
✅ $8,448 in revenue last month 
✅ $8,358 in profit last month 
✅ Competitors: ChatPDF

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Improvement Area

GROWTH OPPORTUNITYInfluencer marketing Affiliate marketing Campaign Business model API model, Whitelabel solution Customer support chatbot. Decrease churn Generate customize leads

Improve conversion rates

Increase pricing

Increase content marketing

Focus on SEO

Expand to new markets

Social media marketing

Hire a B2B sales team

Increase digital marketing

Add new product features

Tools & Technologies

CSS, Git, Github, HTML, Javascript, Node.js, React, TypeScript

Skills Required

Marketing, Customer Service, UI/UX Design, Communication, Strategy, Sales


Advertising, Analytics, Android, Big Data, Business, Career, Classifieds, Content, eBooks, E-Commerce, Education, Educational, Email, Entertainment, eSports, Fintech, Healthtech, HR Tech, Internet of Things (IoT), Lifestyle, Machine Learning, ML / AI, News, Open Source, Podcasting, Real Estate Tech, SEO, Utilities

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I don't have the skills to take it any further

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