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What is included in the sale? Personalities test allows you to take a free research-based online test to help you identify your personality type and preferences. the test is based on the MBTI, which is a personality test that has been around for 90 years and is supported by rigorous academic and scientific research. while you can take the test and get an overview of your personality strengths and weaknesses for free, you have the option of paying an additional $7.99 for an ebook that offers a comprehensive summary of your personality type. there are other ways you can monetize this site, which I'm happy to go through if you are interested in this business. the website, social media channels, domain and all other digital assets will be included in the sale. What is the technological stack? Wordpress and hosted on Bluehost Which parts of the project are incomplete? This business is incredibly easy to operate and run and requires very little time and investment. the niche is evergreen and all that it takes to run this business has been built. drive sales from day one and you are good to go! additionally, website development in the last 3 months has focused on ensuring the funnel is as solid as possible. 70% of people who reach the test page will complete the test (quite high considering there are 50 questions to answer!). this optimization work required some custom coding, custom website development, and editing to the test questions. additionally, I've done some Facebook advertising to drive traffic to help me identify audiences interested in these tests, and the ways in which they can be reached. I've even tested strategies to collect email addresses and was able to collect emails for as little as $0.15 an email. I currently have 500+ emails collected, which can be used to build lookalike audiences and scale your Facebook ads. additionally, I've built custom email automation for each personality type (16 types) that each trigger a 4 email set in Mailchimp which promotes the ebook. the 4 email automation is customized for each personality type and has an average open rate of 32.4%. 4 emails for 16 different personalities is 64 customized emails, all of which will be included in the sale and all of which have been tested and optimized. all this information, including the ad sets and ad targeting, will be made available to you. the data will save you a ton of time and is incredibly valuable! while the method of monetization has been through selling an ebook, one other way you can monetize is through Adsense. this is also an option for you, as test-takers usually share their results online with there networks which helps drive free traffic. the site also can be used as a serious lead generator to be used for other related businesses- based on Facebook ad sets I've run you can collect 100 emails for $15. Do you have any traffic? Why are you selling? I built this site because I had researched personality types in grad school and had a lot of this material put together and built already. I also built it because I knew this market was large and I wanted to test the business model of free quizzes and paid ebook upgrade. I'm using the experience and knowledge I've built through this to build another site that will sell courses. I will use the exact model to build my next venture. the site has a ton of potential and can be ideal for different types of business owners. so long as you're willing to commit a little money to continue with Facebook ads, a little time, or a little expertise you can definitely grow and keep this business running for a long time. if you're interested, please write me a message. I will try and answer questions you have but would prefer to schedule calls if you have more than 1-2 questions. serious inquiries only, please. how can the future owner turn the project into a business? the market for these tests is large in the USA (self-help industry is $10 billion markets that is growing steadily), and you can use the same material to target English speaking audiences worldwide. you can target Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and other economically developed countries. the ebook is a great start to monetize this site, and you also have the option to provide additional ebook upgrades for sale once you've built a large customer base. you also can definitely charge more for these ebooks if you choose to.

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