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Personalities Test content + website with multiple revenue streams + AdSense

Adsense Enabled Personality Test website with unique copyrighted material. 50 Question Test & 16 Personality Profiles. Multiple Sources of Revenue with minimal expenses with little time required.

Personality Types have become the new horoscope signs and personality tests are the perfect vehicle to partake in the growing trend of personality types. All over the world, people are interested in understanding how they fit into one of the 16 universally recognized personality types. Users who take our test end up sharing their results on social media, adding their personality types to social media/dating profiles, and clicking through our affiliate links to understand how they can address some of their personality weaknesses. As a result, personality tests are a proven method of generating leads or selling content/services related for personal and social development.  


I'm a serial entrepreneur who created this site after researching personality types in grad school. I partnered with other industry professionals and marketing consultants, and we developed PersonalitiesTest to be a passively run business with huge potential for online content and streams of revenue. As someone who builds and sells businesses, this project was particularly exciting to me as I got to combine my skills and experience with my passion for business development and marketing. For the right price, I am ready to transfer this business to someone who can leverage the content and strategic website setup and design to take PersonalitiesTest to the next step. 


PersonalitiesTest is perfect for someone who wants: 

  1. A business that is easy to operate with minimal expenses (hosting and domain).
  2. To take part in the growing trend of Personality Tests and online tests in general without the burden and significant cost/time investment of building a personality test site from scratch.  This listing provides a top-notch brand with unique intellectual property.
  3. To add the site as an asset to an existing and expanding business portfolio
  4. To identify a niche or industry to purpose the site and explore the multiple revenue streams that the site is compatible for.

We are eager to find the right buyer and are happy to answer any questions on the business. Feel free to contact me directly to set up a call to discuss further. 


We worked with content creators, copywriters, and consultants to put together Our site has over 30 pages of unique and copyrighted content. The user interface and experience has been optimized to ensure that a high rate of users complete the test and reach one of the sixteen personality pages. As a result, 70% of users who initiate the test complete it and view their profile.  The site theme and branding is custom designed to project a simple, modern, and clean look. Furthermore, we've worked with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants to ensure the site is maximally optimized for ranking on Google search. The site is already rising in the ranks of Google search results, leading to more organic traffic. There are multiple revenue streams (see below) with potential that the site can be modified to include, giving you a plethora of opportunities to explore and pursue with relative ease. This business is incredibly easy to operate and requires very little time and investment. The niche is evergreen and all that it takes to run this business and monetize has been built. 

Comparable sites have sold on for over a quarter of a million dollars and have shown to generate an average of nearly $4,000 a month in net profits. 


As the winner of this listing, you will receive: 

  1. Domain and brand: We acquired this highly valuable domain at an expensive cost because it perfectly fits the model of the business, is easy to remember, and will help with organic traffic and search engine optimization. This includes social media handles for Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Website with 30+ pages of unique and copyrighted content: We worked with content creators, copywriters, and consultants to craft over 30 pages of unique and copyrighted content that no one else has or can use. The full list of copyrighted content is below. The site is hosted on reliable hosting and built on the WordPress framework with premium plugins and licenses we’ve paid for, making it easy to amend/update when needed. The site also features advanced tracking and data collection making it easy to understand user trends for future optimization.
  3. Email Marketing Setup: Through MailChimp, we’ve created over 64 unique email templates and campaigns tailored to each personality. With the flip of a switch the site operator can turn on automatic email flows that can push content or services to test takers. As a bonus, we’re also including 500+ email addresses of previous test takers who have shown an interest in personality types and personal development.
  4. Facebook Ads Account and Set up: Through Facebook, we’ve created multiple campaigns and ad sets to push traffic to the site. Through these campaigns, we’ve been able to reach an astonishingly low user acquisition cost of $0.10 for every completed test and $0.15 for submitted email address. 
  5. Affiliate Link Set Up: We’ve built a unique affiliate link system with advanced metrics tracking to make it easy to collect and understand data on user visits and clicks.
  6. Fast and Smooth Transfer of all assets with Transitionary Support: We will work with you by providing one week of transitionary training and four weeks of email support to ensure a smooth and effective transition process and help you easily understand how the site operates and how to modify the site to suit your needs.

Each personality profile includes the following copyrighted content that you will own the rights to (Click HERE to see an example): 

  1. A unique Avatar
  2. A famous quote by someone of the same personality type*
  3. Custom built and colorful graphs and charts analyzing the personality type
  4. A summary of the personality type
  5. A list of personality type strengths
  6. A list of personality type weaknesses
  7. An array of notable people of the same personality type*
  8. A list of suggestions and rules for each respective personality type.
  9. A list of careers that match with the users personality type
  10. Advice for personal, professional, and romantic relationships.

* denotes generic content not copyrighted


As a Starter Site, we have designed to be compatible with multiple sources of revenue, including: 

  1. Adsense: Adsense has just been activated and is an easy revenue stream for the site. The site is not overrun with ads and ads have been strategically placed throughout the site to maximize revenue without discouraging or deterring users from completing the test or browsing the site.
  2. Email Marketing: With the flip of a switch, you can activate a feature built and integrated into the site that blurs the results page and all of its content until a user enters in their email address. This feature converts highly because users who have invested the time to complete the 50 question tests find it necessary to finally see their results. Once an email is inputted, it is automatically added to a custom-built email automation flow on the MailChimp for each personality type- each email automation triggers a 4-email set which can be used to promote various goods or services. There are 4 emails for each personality totaling 64 emails. Through these email automations you can market books, courses, one-on-one consultations, and even affiliate links. We have collected over 500+ emails at an astonishingly low $0.15 an email by running Facebook Ads to the site. The buyer of this listing will get full access to the Facebook Ad Campaigns and Sets we've found success with, and the Mailchimp account with the custom-built content for all 64 emails.
  3. Affiliate Links: Across the site, suggestions are made on how each personality type can expand on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. These suggestions can be linked to books, courses, or other products and services that users can click on. Each link can be tied to an affiliate program for third-party sites and vendors, including books on Amazon, courses, one-on-one consultations, etc. Click HERE to see an example.
  4. Sell directly to users: By capturing emails or utilizing the strategically placed links throughout the site, site owners can promote books, one-on-one consulting, or even courses directly to site users. the site can be tailored to target business professionals, social learners, or even hopeless romantics.

    By identifying or using your existing niche, you can leverage the custom content on personalities to promote goods and services. This method of lead generation has been proven to be incredibly successful in the personal and social development industry. The site can be easily modified to promote directly to users the following items (among others):
  • E-Books: Site owners can upsell e-books on specific topics related to personality types and the endless suggestions around them.
  • Courses: By partnering, developing, or using an existing course, site owners can easily promote and drive traffic to users who have indicated an interest in personal or social development.
  • Consulting and Life Coaching: Site owners can partner with or leverage an existing life coaching or similar consulting business to sell one-one-one consulting. This can be tailored towards personal and social development or even business training.


There are many untapped opportunities for accelerating growth and revenue on the site. As mentioned throughout this listing, the site is designed to be easily modified to adapt for these sources of revenue: 

  1. Freemium model, were part of results are premium and require payment to access
  2. Selling e-books or other content
  3. Starting a blog and posting content frequently to boost organic traffic. Blog posts can feature affiliate links to promote products and services.
  4. Additional AdSense Placement
  5. Further optimizing SEO and investing in backlink building to increase organic traffic and AdSense revenue.
  6. Leveraging social media channels to build a social media audience to further promote additional goods and services
  7. White-Labeling the site as a lead generation tool for life coaches, personal development consultants, etc.
  8. Translate into additional languages to reach a wider audience
  9. Develop additional online tests to leverage the “PersonalitiesTest” branding and expand on the growing trend of online tests

I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the site or business. Just post a comment or send a message. Thank you for considering PersonalitiesTest.

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CSS, Wordpress

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Advertising, Blogging, Career, Content, eBooks, Educational

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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