Photo Printing and Sending Assistant

A text message assistant that automatically prints and sends photos each month.

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Serial Entrepreneur - I'm working on a new startup and need more money to fund it, so I decided to build this mini Saas App to help fund my main business

No/Low Code Saas Application -  a text message assistant that automatically prints and sends photos of memorable moments each month!

  • Users Text a Twilio Number and answer a few questions
  • Twilio Studio gathers input and sends information to Zapier
  • Zapier parses out information and sends it to a Google Sheet
  • Google sheet adds the information to a new row
  • Admin each month sends all the data to the printing API with a click of a button.


This is a No/Low Code Saas Application. A great starter business for someone with great margins. 

The main function of the business owner is to log in to google sheets and click a custom button (custom script already built) to process the customer's information to the printing API ( - custom API already built)

This process should take about 30 mins each month. Ensure that the API response for each customer is successful (a row in the spreadsheet lets you know if it's successful or not)


This is a Saas model for your customers, they choose how many images they want to send each month and sign up before getting access to the Photo Assistant Number. 

Twilio Studio is a drag and drop chatbot builder that allows users to interact with SMS/MMS and collect feedback. The application sends all the feedback to Zapier.


This is a ROUGH cost estimate to run the Saas:

Photos: $0.15/photo
Shipping: $5.50

Application (this price varies depending on usage):
Zapier: Free
Webflow: $12/month
Twilio: ~$40/year
Time to run: 1-2hrs/ month

Additional Notes

This is a great starter business for a first-time entrepreneur. Being a Low /No-Code application, it is easy to manage. 

I have a bunch of ideas to expand this project and increase revenue if a buyer is interested.

Happy to jump on a video call to walk through the entire process, and show a Sandbox version of the application.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Expand the Sass offerings
Expand the follow up and reminder notifications

Tools & Technologies

Javascript, Node.js

Skills Required

Strategy, Marketing


API, Business, Photography

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
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  • Includes design source files

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