Private Label Amazon FBA Brand in Home Goods/Decor Niche

Profitable upward trending private label brand with opportunities to scale and optimize.

E-Commerce Store 2,635 views

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About the business

The business started in Aug 2017 (sole owner & operated, LLC, registered trademark, amz brand registered). It is a private-label brand, in the home goods/decor niche. We also sell on Wayfair,, ebay, and etsy. In 2022 we did about $116,000 in revenue, and have seen an upward trend in sales.

Key Highlights

  • Upward trending rev/profits.
  • Easily marketable and scalable niche.
  • Opportunities to optimize and increase margins.
  • Almost entirely passive as it is now.


Why I'm selling?

Amazon has increasingly restricted warehouse space and no longer accommodates smaller sellers which is causing an inability to launch new products or scale properly. Therefore, I’m looking to sell the business because it is more valuable in the hands of a larger company.


The business is almost entirely passive as it is now with less than 1 hour per month of maintenance. 


PPC spend is by far the biggest expense, and I believe someone with more expertise than I have can reduce these costs by at least half. 

Additional info

I currently have an affiliate that solely promotes my macrame kit. She is the #1 creator on tiktok for the niche. As well as another affiliate that is ranked #1 on Pinterest.

**P&L can be provided upon request**



Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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