Pushup Metrics

Dashboard + sms reminders to track pushups and calories against yourself or friends.

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How can the buyer take this project further?

what's included in the sale
all accounts (sendgrid + twilio + code + heroku hosting) and documentation to help you understand the data model, app, multi-tenancy (there is support for teams on subdomains), etc.also, up to 1 hour of dev help + pass-off assistance by me. 

technological stack
rails, bootstrap, chart.js, twilio, heroku.

which parts of the project are incomplete?
the app works great, bug-free and i haven't had to perform maintenance for several months.

do you have any traffic?
yes, pushupmetrics.com ranks #1 and #3 for related google searches, ie "push up tracker." i have screenshots to prove, or you can try.there are 431 total users, and 149 of them configured sms alerts. in the last 30 days, 4,094 pushups were logged and 7 new users signed up.total pushups logged in the platform: 250,036 as of feb 12, 2019.

why are you selling?
i run several companies (fomo.com, csell.co, lobiloo.com, etc) and no longer have time for some of my side projects. :(

how can the future owner turn the project into a business?
a handful of loyal users would probably make small donations just to pay for the twilio sms reminders, which is currently about ~$10 per month (1,000 texts sent). this is an optional feature; you can disable or switch to cheaper sms service.the cool thing about sms alerts is they create daily engagement; users are able to reply to the text messages with a number, ie "49," which automatically logs those pushups.if i were to keep the project and monetize it i'd add public leaderboards and contests, then start a blog + offer guest posts about staying fit with pushups, before/after pictures of chest workouts, and through this content dominate even more "pushup _" search rankings. with this in place you could partner with a pushup device, ie the perfect pushup and maintain 100% free service with a $$ affiliate partnership for click through sales.these are just a few ideas, happy to riff on more with the new owner. i've been literally stopped on the street by people who said "you made the pushup tool, cool!"

Tools & Technologies

Ruby, Ruby on Rails

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on


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