Rebroadcast Your Media Experience

Share a zoom meeting, a video, a live online broadcast or a web-based game experience with your friends.

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Running this service will provide a remote browser instance that you can manage directly from your browser as if it was running on your own computer.

Thus you can share a web based game experience, watch a video or a live stream of any kind being broadcast online with your friends, broadcast a web based video conference like zoom, skype, google meet, microsoft team and any other web-rtc based one.

Whatever you can do on your local computer you should be able to reproduce on the remote one with the big advantage that you can grab whatever you are doing and also rebroadcast to many other spectators by sharing the provided link.

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improving marketing

Tools & Technologies

HTML, Javascript, Lua, MySQL, PHP

Skills Required

SEO, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Communication, Accounting


Educational, Entertainment, Podcasting, Video

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I prefer not to give a reason at this time

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code

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