Rentable Virtual Stage

A rentable virtual stage, 3D Streaming Platform.

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RV Stage (Rentable Virtual Stage) is a 3D Streaming Platform that can be used for:

- Gaming

- Teaching online

- Virtual concerts

- Public speaking

- Virtual theatre



- Broadcasters rent a Virtual Stage selecting the size (between 50 and 1000 seats), duration, starting date and category of the event.

- Before the event starts, viewers book a seat for that event (like at cinema), when the event time is reached, the broadcaster starts streaming live and viewers can enter the room, watching the show.

- Broadcasters can monetize their viewers with tickets, donations and subscriptions.

- Virtual Stage price depends on amount of seats and duration of the event (for example 50 seats cost 10 STAGE$ per hour, 1000 seats 80 STAGE$ per hour, etc).

- STAGE$ is the platform currency (Stage dollars) which has a real value of 0.1€, there are also "Stage Credits" that can be assigned to broadcasters (they get 100 free on registration) that can only be used to pay for virtual stages, but not withdrawn.

- Broadcasters can withdraw their money when they reach at least 300 STAGE$ (30 €).

- Upon registration (or editing later on profile) broadcasters can select a maximum of 3 categories if they stream related content, they will be found by viewers in these categories lists.

On the same page, users can also pick all the categories that they are interested in, when a new Virtual Stage for that category is rented, they will get a notify via email so that they can join the show.



Reasons why broadcasters should use RV Stage instead of a regular streaming platforms are:

- Earn more: regular streaming platforms give approximately 70% on users donations and 50% on users subscriptions, on RV Stage the broadcaster get 97% on:

- Text donations

- Video donations

- Subscriptions

- Tickets

- Ticket system: broadcasters can decide if allow everyone on the event or let viewers pay a ticket price. Viewers can pick an available seat using a 3D interface like they are at cinema!

- Unique features such as 3D environment and Video donations (Viewers can record a video between 5 and 15 seconds that will be shown to everyone! The broadcaster can decide the price of each video duration at the moment he rent the virtual stage).

- All in 1 solution: broadcasters don't need to download other software, screen and audio capture, webcam overlay, tickets, donations, subscriptions and payments are handled all in 1 place.



- Super high margin between server costs and income through stage rental:

For each server (VPS 2Gb/s unlimited bandwith, can handle 1000 viewers at 720p 30fps):

- Cost: just over 40€/month VAT included (can name provider in private)

- Earnings:  

 - Filling 24/7 with all 50 seats stages: 14400€/month

 - Filling 24/7 with all 1000 seats stages: 5760€/month

That's a potential margin between x139 and x360, for EACH server!

You also get 3% from donations, subscriptions and tickets, which will increase even more your income.

- Well written code by a 20 years experience Full Stack Sofware Developer, easy to mantain or edit.

- Latest technologies used, such as PHP 8, NodeJS 18, WebCodecs, Thread Workers, ThreeJS, etc. Everything was built with maximum performance in mind.



- I work already as a software developer for a company, but my working hours are increasing year by year, probably moving to full time next year. I don't have so much time  anymore to follow ambitious projects like this.

- I am an expert software developer but not as much skilled in marketing stuff, also as a single person my advertising budget is limited, a company with a dedicated marketing team and higher budget could definitely do much better than me to get the project off the ground.



- domain.

- PHP Application (For application server) (GDPR 2022 Compliant).

- SQL Database (Over 1000 users registered).

- NodeJS Application (For streaming servers).

- Bug fixes and any edit at the code or assets are NOT included, all the code and assets are sold "as is".

- Servers are NOT included, you should install the applications provided on your own servers.

- 30 days of assistance in case you have issues configuring the platform (no new development, no bug fixes).



- A full stack developer or a team of developers to add new features.

- One or more marketing experts to advertise it.

- At least 1 Linux server for the web application part (Even a 5€/month VPS is fine to start) .

- At least 1 Linux streaming server (The bottleneck is the bandwidth, 2Gb/s handle 1000 viewers.

The NodeJS Application is optimized with working threads to forward packets to viewers, this way it uses all the CPUs in case the server has more than 1).

- An email server or an account to relay all the emails (Such as turbosmtp, sendgrid, etc).

- A Paypal account to receive payments from users.



- I started to work at the project in October 2021.

- Domain was registered in January 2022.

- At the end of August 2022, the project will be released to the public in Beta Stage (some features restricted, 1000 free STAGE$ on registration, Paypal payments disabled).

- At the end of October 2022, RV Stage went out of Beta Stage, all STAGE$ has been reset, restrictions removed and Paypal payments enabled.

- I am starting to set it for sale at December 2022, suggested price is 399k €, at first I will consider offers and at a later time I will decide which one to accept.


More info on request

How can the buyer take this project further?

I am an expert software developer but not as much skilled in marketing stuff, also as a single person my advertising budget is limited, a company with a dedicated marketing team and higher budget could definitely do much better than me to get the project off the ground.


Tools & Technologies

Bootstrap, CSS, Express, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, Node.js, PHP

Skills Required

Marketing, UI/UX Design, Networking, Programming, Communication, SEO


3D, E-Commerce, Entertainment, Gaming, Other, Video

Reason for Selling

I prefer not to give a reason at this time

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets

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