Signal Provider for Cryptocurrency Trading

A signal provider for cryptocurrency trading. Tested and used by traders.

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More and more inexperienced traders are dedicating countless hours to crypto trading. However, the crypto market is notoriously unpredictable and risky, and acquiring the necessary trading skills can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Even seasoned traders cannot keep tabs on the entire market. That's where we can be of assistance!

We have developed a signal provider for cryptocurrency trading. Our system scans the entire market using a pullback strategy and sends accurate signals to users via Telegram every half hour for both Spot and Futures sections. We used Quantower ( and Telegram messenger to create our platform. We have separate VDS for each section (one for Spot and one for Futures). Our signals have been tested by top traders around the world and are known to be very accurate and profitable. Trading with our signals can result in substantial daily profits. We use Quantower to monitor the market, apply our strategies, and make necessary calculations and Telegram to send generated signals to the users. We provide our users with a trading experience that is easy, profitable, and low in risk. To simplify things, let's assume that our system provides six signals per day (it provides much more). Two of these signals will result in significant profits, two will result in modest profits, and the remaining signals will result in very small losses.

For more information, please read our pitch deck.

Our pitch deck fully explains our business model, but we currently charge a yearly subscription fee of $100 through our local website and social media. We are selling this project to focus on growing our business in our local regions, as we do not want to enter the international market due to challenges with banking and payment systems. If the buyer allows us to continue operating in our local regions (Gulf countries and Iran), we plan to reduce the cost. Our current focus is on Arab countries.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Our project has the potential to attract thousands of customers with effective marketing and branding. With the low maintenance and operating expenses that our startup has, we can offer affordable subscription plans. Even with poor branding and marketing skills, we were able to acquire nearly 6000 users in Iran within a year. Unfortunately, our transaction documents cannot be provided due to the limited banking system in Iran. However, it's possible to rebrand the project for international markets, focusing on branding, website development, social media presence, and expanding into new markets. As the buyer, your attention should be on these areas to ensure successful growth.

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