Stock Price Forecasting with Machine Learning

A tool to compare stocks using historical information and price forecasting using machine learning.

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This data analysis tool deploys the free to use Yahoo! Finance API to get historical information on any user-input ticker symbol. The program returns historical charts and graphs about the given company and then deploys a Machine Learning algorithm to build a "future stock price" graph - which forecasts a stock future price over the next 6 months. This algorithm leverages Facebook's open-source "prophet" algorithm to develop the predictions. Note that the program cleanses and normalizes all-time series datasets before running the model, so in its current state the process takes 1-2 minutes to clean the data and then train the model. Please allow processing time when using the web-app.

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What is included in the sale ? a) source code for the web-application b) documentation for code c) ongoing support to help get the buyer set up with the technology stack Please note this web-app is an MVP, it may need enhancements to be used in production. What is the technological stack? The software is built using flask and written in python. The webpage uses HTML / CSS Do you have any traffic? We have not launched this tool to the public. Why are you selling? I wrote this analysis for fun but after using the tool locally on my computer, i thought it would be valuable to create a user-facing application for it. I did not intend to build it into a business.  

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