Strategy Game - Entertainment Merged with Real-World Value

A unique game with real-world application. A good opportunity for a connected strategist.

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A Win-Win Proposition for Everyone

This isn't just a strategy game; it's a revolutionary approach to gaming that merges entertainment with real-world value. We've taken a beloved genre and injected it with innovation, creating a unique experience with a sustainable economic engine that benefits everyone involved.

A Blend of Genres, A World of Opportunity:

  • Strategic Depth: Build your base, command your army, and conquer your enemies in a classic strategy setting.
  • Action Hero Control: Take direct control of your heroes in dynamic 3rd-person battles, adding a thrilling layer of action.
  • Player-Driven Marketplace: Trade in-game items and heroes with other players for real money via a secure, in-game marketplace – no crypto, NFTs, or gambling involved.

Monetization that Fuels Growth:

  • Multiple Revenue Streams: We offer a variety of ways to generate income, ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Direct Sales: Players can purchase limited and unlimited items and heroes directly from our developer store.
  • Transaction Fees: We take a small commission (3-4%) on every player-to-player trade, facilitating the marketplace while generating revenue.
  • Tournaments: Engage players in exciting paid tournaments with a prize pool where winners are rewarded and the platform earns a share.
  • Optional In-Game Ads: Players can choose to watch ads and earn a portion of the advertising revenue.

A Win-Win for All Stakeholders:

  • Developers & Investors: Our diverse monetization strategy ensures a healthy return on investment for both developers and potential investors like yourselves.
  • Players: Beyond the joy of the game, players have the opportunity to earn real money through the marketplace, adding a whole new dimension to the experience.
  • Governments: This innovative approach fosters a potential for in-game job creation, expanding the gaming industry, and leading to new tax revenue streams for governments.

Clash of Mythologies is more than just a game; it's a blueprint for the future of gaming. We're building an ecosystem where everyone wins – developers, investors, players, and even governments.

How can the buyer take this project further?

The buyer can purchase it and then sell it to any countries government as a platform that generates new jobs for anyone who wants additional income. A good advertising and focusing on that gamers deserve something more above fun will do the right job.



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