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A light store selling unique lamps.

E-Commerce Store 3,507 views

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Over $175,000 in less than 4 months! Over $40k profit! 4.2k mailing lists! Including FB pixel farmed with + $50k spent, home/garden niche.


A niche store that operates under the dropshipping model (you don't own any inventory but when you receive an order your supplier ships the product directly to the customer's home). 2 products, in particular, have been scaled in this store (with one lamp we generated over $100,000 and with another over $55,000), the other products have been used only as upsells (we never tried to run ads for them) and have generated over $15,000 totally free. 

This store has sold 100% in the Dutch market (Belgium and Netherlands), so a great idea would be to replicate the store and products in other European markets or even US/T5, as well as continue to sell products from this store in the Dutch market. 

All traffic was brought in via FB ads, we didn't use any other traffic source, so it would be interesting to test influencers, google ads, tiktok ads and other platforms.

How can the buyer take this project further?

The real value of this store is CONSISTENCY. As you can see, every month we have generated sales with this store. (Sales dropped when I stopped adjusting Facebook Ads) Dropshipping stores are known to be short-lived (a few weeks to a month) because people don't offer a good customer experience and don't add backend products to their store.

From August 2021 to June 2022:

  • - $189,032 Revenue
  • - 248,573 Online Store Sessions
  • - 4,685 Total Orders
  • - 40.46 Average Order Value

*Data is from Shopify.

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  • Includes website
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  • 2 Offers received
  • 4,200 Newsletter subscribers
  • 500 Facebook Fans
  • 5 Instagram Followers

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