Sumafit creates custom nutrition plans for the latin american market. It creates a nutrition plan according to your height and weight and assigns recipes (with adjusted quantities for your needs) to users.

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Website Design was custom built and includes landing pages and an optimized sales funnel. It was coded in php and mysql. Included in the sale is the database with 4384 users who registered and didn't finish the registration process (didn't pay). When users register and pay they get access to a members only section where they can see recipes, exercises and their nutrition plan. They can change recipes in their nutrition plan for others and it automatically adjusts the quantities in the recipes for their target caloric intake. Traffic Website gets around 1000 visits a month from organic traffic (source Analytics). Revenue It made around $370 in sales advertising on Facebook Ads. Reason for selling I stopped working on the website because I started working on a new project. I also was using Paddle for payments and the account got cancelled because there was a high dispute rate (I was offering free trials and many people forgot to cancel and got billed)

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