A url management and click tracking saas platform

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What is included in the sale? 

  • Full IP rights and source code. Code has been in a mercurial repository since the beginning, so will be easy to maintain. 
  • A set of ~50 functional tests that can be run to ensure your changes haven't broken anything (py.test). 

The following domain and 2-3 active customer domains, registered on their behalf.

Transfer of the digital ocean droplet the server is currently running on, currently costs $24/month. 

Transfer of the stripe account used for payments. 

Transfer of the email address: [email protected] (used for support and a few other things)


What is the technological stack? 

  • python 2.7, nginx and postgresql. 
  • on the server-side, I am using a Python framework known as, which is a pretty simple and straightforward framework. It is very fast and performant. 
  • On the client side it is bootstrap + jquery.
  • the entire system is automated, no daily work required on your part, customers can auto-upgrade accounts, stats are automatic,etc.  
  • there is a back end admin port (on the website) you can login to, to perform customer service functions, add content to the cms, change user data, etc


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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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