Track & Budget Your Travel Adventures

Plan your adventures and discover places to visit by costing trips in a new and exciting way.

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Track your travel expenses and discover new places to visit. All numbers are based on expenses from real trips by real people tracked within the application.

The project has been understandably low on traffic during the pandemic, but has great potential once the world returns to normal. The website is already fully automated except for:

  1. Accepting/declining promotion submissions
  2. Review users submitted trips
  3. Adding new city pictures

The average costs across the website are based solely on users submitted trips and are 100% free of 3rd party data. The traffic is mainly coming from Google as there's been a lot of work put into SEO.

The Admin panel lets you track user activity, overall stats, error logs, Google Analytics data and more.

I'm no longer burning for the travel niche and is focusing my time on other projects, which is the sole purpose of why I'm open to selling.

How can the buyer take this project further?

The project is full of potential, but not during the pandemic. It's fully functional as is, but doesn't have proper monetization added. The only monetization right now is Native Advertising which is something that's not been pushed at all.

There are tons of way to monetize the project, but the ones that come to mind immediately are paid memberships, sponsors, general advertisement and even affiliate links on the location pages for businesses in that specific area.

Tools & Technologies

CSS, DigitalOcean, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP

Skills Required

Marketing, Programming


Analytics, Other, Utilities

Reason for Selling

I'm not interested in running this anymore


This listing has been successfully sold.

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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