Tweet Bookmarking Tool

Twitter users can bookmark tweets they find useful.

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A ready-made MicroSaaS tool that allows Twitter users to bookmark tweets they find useful. Later on, we enable the users to search for any saved tweet they want in a matter of seconds via using our filters on the dashboard.

✅ Pre-revenue 

✅ Bootstrapped 

✅ Founded on 2020

 ✅ Featured in Product Hunt 

✅ Tech: Javascript, ReactJs, NextJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB

 This platform is like bookmarked tweets on steroids where users can bookmark tweets in one click and can fetch his/her favourite tweets in a matter of seconds from the sea of tweets.


How can the buyer take this project further?

For the future, we planed to give 100 tweets, 10 tags for a user to create them for free. And will be offering unlimited tweets, unlimited tags, a weekly digest of tweets, autosave tweets from their favourite tweeps, and many more features for a paid subscription of 7USD/month.

Other potential use cases and directions for this platform: Twitter content creators can use it to save tweets and then, later on, come up with new content by getting inspired by those tweets; public profile for this platform users to share their saved tweets publicly if they want; sending weekly digest of saved tweets to users at the end of the week via mail.

✅ Write various use cases which users can make use of by using it via blog posts. 
✅ Reaching out to micro-influencers on Twitter to promote it as they have a very niche and gold kind of audience who love products like this. Example: Are you trying to grow your Twitter audiences? Use it to save great tweets and come up with your own content by analyzing the way of these viral tweets.
✅ Promote it on Reddit in various related subreddits regarding content and bookmarking. This platform was loved by our users and others as well. We were able to secure the #6 position on product hunt launch day with more than 450+ upvotes and 50+ comments

Tools & Technologies

Express.js, MongoDB, Node.js, React

Skills Required

Sales, Programming, Networking, Marketing


Content, Other, Utilities

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
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  • Includes design source files
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  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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