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The alarm clock automatically shuts off the alarm if school is closed.

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The alarm clock automatically shuts off the alarm if school is closed.

This alarm clock is very similar to any alarm clock you have used before:

- Set the time

- Set a ringtone to awake to

* The difference is that the app allows you to choose a school that you attend (or are affiliated with) and if your chosen school is closed, your alarm will automatically shut off allowing you to sleep.

SleepIn will also send a silent notification stating that the school is closed just so you are aware when you eventually do wake up.

Compatible with all iOS devices including iPad. Some of the server code needs to be reconnected to the school closure schedule.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Users requested a way to integrate with weather, for example, if a runner plans on going for a 6am workout - do not wake them up if it is raining outside. This is partially completed and I can send this code as well.

Users also request to be able to set an alarm with friends, for example, workout buddies, classmates, etc. It was mainly for self-accountability purposes, but also has other use cases

Tools & Technologies

AWS, BitBucket, Node.js, Swift

Skills Required

Marketing, UI/UX Design, Programming



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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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