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Run this as a content marketplace. Or, use it to scale your existing content business model.

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NOTE: We are selling just the code/technology. It's a Content Management System that streamlines and scales content production. It was used to do such under our Content Agency which we no longer run. The platform would be great for another Content Agency who could do the same for their agency. Or, a publisher network that wants to manage the high-volume of content they need for their ever-growing network of niche websites and writers. This is perfect for that.


This content platform is a custom-built CMS that organizes, streamlines, and scales content production for any brand or agency. Brands submit assignment requests. Writers (on the Brand's Writer Team) accepts those assignments.

There are multiple layers of editorial QC ensuring the Writers are writing the assignments correctly and on-time. The Brand has the ability to review and submit revision requests. And then a final approved assignment can be delivered to the Brand's WordPress site with a click of a button.

The CMS also includes a Calendar where you can manage the delivery slots and dates of your scheduled articles. Additionally, integration and automation for social posts when new articles go live.


Currently, we do not utilize the platform for our business model and do not have any subscriptions on the system. It is purely a technology acquisition. The buyer would be purchasing the codebase to implement into their existing business model.


This content platform would be huge for any growing content agency who is currently using spreadsheets or antiquated technology for managing and scaling their content operations. With the this CMS, they would be able to invite their Writers and Clients into an organized system that notifies Admin, Clients, and Writers about the progress of their content assignments.


We used the CMS to streamline and scale out content agency. We've since pivoted out of being a content agency and no longer need the technology. As such, we are looking for a strategic buyer of just the technology/code and not the brand itself.


We spent the last 5 years custom-building this Content Management System to help our content agency streamline and scale its content production. It was the keystone to our ability to manage hundreds of monthly articles across multiple brands at a time. It has multiple layers of content checks and balances to ensure writers are completing the assignments as requested and on time. This custom system is invaluable to the right buyer who could plug-and-play an entire content operation into their business without needing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of development building it out themselves.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Acquire users and run it as a content marketplace. Or, use it to scale your existing content business model.

Tools & Technologies

AWS, React

Skills Required

Customer Service, Writing, Sales


Blogging, Content, SEO

Reason for Selling

I'm not interested in running this anymore

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