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CS2 skins with prices and stats.

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For those who don't know the niche, Counter-Strike 2 has virtual items ("skins") that you can apply to the guns you use in the game. People sell these virtual skins on 3rd party marketplaces, and prices of them can be thousands of dollars. There is huge variety in the asking prices, and there is a ton of different marketplace to sell those skins.

There are sites that aggregate these marketplaces, ike csgoskins.gg, but they are not that great. So I ended up coding a competitor for them and the site is fully ready, waiting to get traction. The website works great but then life happened and I didn't have enough time to invest in raising awareness and getting traffic. Due to other priorities, I'm now planning to sit the site down, but I'd rather see someone continuing it.

You can see the fully functioning, blazing fast and super sleek site at cs2.gold

All code is custom, and tech stack is super simple and cheap to host:

- Next.js with App Router ($20 @ Vercel)

- Tailwind

- Neon Postgres ($20)

- Prisma ORM

All web scraping of prices is 100% automated, only thing to do is to get traction. And if you are a dev, maybe you want to create low-hanging fruit features, like good search.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Buy the site, raise awareness and develop some simple features that are missing.

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