Unique Video Platform

A video platform with a monetization system for subscriptions to watch premium videos.

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Listing Details

Handmade Video Platform

A handmade video platform, similar to YouTube. It offers a monetization system with subscriptions like OnlyFans to watch premium videos. Everything is handmade and unique. Made with love.

1. Seller Bio

I'm Dominik Ganic, a 24-year-old passionate full-stack software developer from Germany. I've been developing software since 12 years with a lot of passion and love. 

2. Executive Summary

As I've been creating this entire project all unique with my hand, from zero to 100, there is no company behind this and no team at all. It's a totally private created hobby project with a lot of professional technologies and a beautiful responsive design.

3. Highlights

As a full-stack developer, I've got a lot of experience in different programming languages and of course the skills in a lot of modern and highly used frameworks which have been included in this project.

As this project has been made by scratch, I've been using the following technologies to make this project easy to maintain and extend in future:

  • Vue JS
  • Laravel
  • SCSS (Sass)
  • Node
  • Composer

4. Operations

This project has a beautiful coding base. My suggestion for the buyer of this entire project / script is to maintain it in future with any developers which are skilled in the already above-mentioned frameworks. As I've been using frameworks that are worldwide in use, any other developer skilled with these will easily be able to keep it up to date. FYI: I'm also available to keep helping out anytime. Just PM me / or write an email, and we can get in touch for any feature/update you require. :)

5. Financials

People will purchase subscriptions on this video platform to gain premium access to any videos uploaded by any other user on the platform. The users can define themselves when uploading a new video if the video should be premium or not.

You can define yourself in the administrative area of the platform the fees for any subscriptions or donations made on the platform that will be taken by you. That's the way you will earn money through it.

Additionally, you can set up Google AdSense or any other advertisement system on the page to earn again more money.

6. Seller Notes

This project is completely unique designed with SCSS. The source is of course included. You can easily change colours or any other stylings with basic CSS skills.

This project is completely unique created with Laravel and Vue. The source of Vue is of course as well the Laravel code included. You can easily extend the features with good skills in PHP and JavaScript.

As already mentioned, I'm always available to help you out anytime with this project, just contact me via this platform. For any new features you require or wish, we will handle it out.

There is absolutely no similar platform (design & code) out there.

For any other questions, feel free to contact me! :)


How can the buyer take this project further?

Additionally, the idea was behind this project to sell it on CodeCanyon.net. It's a platform where you're able to sell scripts to millions of customers world wide. Everyone buying this script will be able to create his own video platform and have the rights to use it, but won't get rights to re-sell it again, as you're the license holder.


PlayTube is a competetive video platform, which is being sold on CodeCanyon.  13 October 17 it was published on CodeCanyon. It has already 2581 sales for a price of 99$. You can calculate now a brutto amount of 255.519$ within the last 4 years. That means, 63.879,75$ have been yearly generated through CodeCanyon.

  • Videoly offers better and more qualitative benefits than PlayTube:
  • Videoly uses highly modern frameworks like Laravel, Vue and SCSS
  • Videoly offers a monetizations system like OnlyFans to subscribe for a monthly fee to users to watch their videos.
  • Videoly has a completely unique design made with SCSS.
  • Videoly offers better User Experience and has a beautiful User Interface (design)
  • Videoly is easily to maintain and extend in future, as it's made with all these frameworks.

Now it's up to you: Do you want to publish your own video platform, which is totally unique?  Or do you want to sell it on CodeCanyon and earn a lot of money through generated sales? The reason why I don't sell it on CodeCanyon? I haven't got time to take care of it in future and update it, as CodeCanyon and their customers require support and new features with time. So, if you're a developer yourself or have got a developer in your team with these skills, you will be able to publish it on CodeCanyon and generate more money than PlayTube does.

Tools & Technologies

CSS, HTML, Javascript, Laravel, MySQL, PHP, Vue.js

Skills Required

UI/UX Design, Programming


Design, Entertainment, Mobile, Payments, SEO, Video

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files

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