Unshorten.link Chrome Extension (20k+ Active Users)

Unshorten shows you the destination URL any time you click on a shortened link, like bit.ly and t.co. We support over 300 link-shortening services.

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Unshorten.link was built in 2014 and has an active user base of 20k+ users. A pro plan is also in place. Unshorten.link was originally built to address the ambiguity and insecurity of shortened links. More info can be found here - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unshortenlink/gbobdaaeaihkghbokihkofcbndhmbdpd?hl=en. Unshorten.link has organically grown over the years and has been featured in a number of online publications. Happy to share more infoo Domain name, support email ([email protected]), source code (golang), infrastructure files (Kubernetes running in GCP), Google AdSense, and Stripe account will be included in sale.

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