Vintage & Retro Cars. Adsense. DA. 22 yrs old domain.

American Legends Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. This website was created to generate interest in the vintage automobiles.

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1. Seller Bio I'm an owner of hundreds of fantastic sites. 2. Executive Summary This website was created to generate interest in the vintage automobiles, especially, but not exclusively the creation of interest in vintage Chrysler Corporation products. My main focus has been and probably will continue to be vehicles of the muscle-car area (generally the late ’50’s through the early ’70s). The site includes information on V.I.N. Decoding, engine specifications and restoration resources (where to buy/sell cars and parts). I sorted photos by make/model of car (in the visitor’s rides section). I also added a search facility to allow visitors to search the text of this site by keywords. 3. Highlights Domain since 1998. 22 years old domain. Unique content. High DA. This is a great website for further development and monetization. 4. Operations The website is on WP. It is easy to manage. It is monetized only via AdSense, but you can add any other ways of monetizing (e.g. affiliate programs, selling links)

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