Viral Referrals and Contests Made Easy

Viral referrals and contests.

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Have you ever wanted a SaaS that automates word of mouth marketing with a few clicks?

That is awesome!

You now can manage to quickly create Ranked Contests and Pay-with-share campaigns!

Interesting, no?

Automate referral marketing campaigns like this...

or like this, with a simple, step-by-step process.

It's the tool that allow practically any business to become the next Dropbox!

If you like this idea, you are a few steps away from owning one of the best solutions in the market.

Ready to compete with great players, like:

And others!

It's well designed and super cheap for the available features, like:

  • Two different types of campaigns (Contest and Pay-with-share).
  • Landing Page Creator.
  • Translation-ready (currently available: english and portuguese).
  • Free and Paid Plans (payment gateway should be re-setted by the new owner).
  • Product Analytics Dashboard (internal records of accounts, campaigns and activities).
  • Facebook Pixel Integration.
  • Downloadable Rankings (CSV).

    Currently, there are two types of campaigns you can run using this app.

    The first one is a “pay with a share”, where you create a landing page with an offer that is only unlocked after the user shares a link chosen by you in social media. You can choose which social channel you're using for this share.

    In the following example, i used facebook.

The second use case is the “contest mode”, where you create a landing page capable of generating leads by collecting their email.

Everybody that converts into that landing page can choose to participate the contest, and you can choose several actions they can do in exchange for points. Each participant will receive an unique link they can use to share with others and earn points too, and so on.

that's the thing with the ‘viral loop’. after the end of the campaign (you decide the terms), you have a ranking with all participants and points they earned.

you can test it live here:

Aso, i have a dashboard for admin and product metrics, which only the administrator users can access. there you can check how much people are signing up, how active they are and how many campaigns were created in a given time range.

The product is translation ready, with two implemented languages, english and portuguese. also, it is already connected with a payment gateway, already lokcing features for users of the free plan (and unlocking for users of the premium plan) which you can choose to plug your own if you wish.


So, why I am not going to market myself?

I have other two businesses that are time-consuming. Currently, I have no means to focus on starting another one.

So I'm here offering it for a very low price, for a skilled and well-intentioned entrepreneur who wishes to do it.

Got interested? Ask me anything and feel free to send your proposal!

Tools & Technologies

Angular, Heroku, Java

Skills Required



Advertising, Blogging, Business, Other

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files

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