A Wireless World Niche Store

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A Wireless Niche Ecommerce Dropshipping Store 

Premium Dropshipping Store. Ideal investment for beginners, Optimized for high conversion rates, High-demand product, Domain value 1228$, Get it just for-199$ because Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec) is officially here.

I have been in the dropshipping industry for the last 10 years. I still remember how easy it was to advertise on Facebook and get hundreds of sales even with that basic Aliexpress product description. But gone are those days, these times have become very competitive and you need to have the best resources in order to be successful. Believe me, I am here for your rescue.

From the beginning of 2020, I have automated all of my stores on complete auto-pilot and they all combined hardly take more than 10-14 hours of work per week. I always wanted to teach people how to earn passively from their homes. I don’t think I would ever find a better time than this to pursue my dream when people are in ridiculous need of passive income.

I am here to provide you with my years’ worth of experience so that you don’t have to waste your time figuring these things out (took me years).



  1. About the store
  2. Research and development
  3. What do you get with the store?
  4. How to run this business?
  5. Why must you invest in this business?

About the Store:

  1. The store is made with pure passion and designed with utmost carefulness in micro-details to deliver a higher conversion rate and convert super crazy.
  2. Made with a premium theme, responsive to all devices, product in high-demand, solid profit margins, copywriting done expertly, completely functional, every aspect of this business is made super easy for you.
  3. The niche of this store is Wireless accessories and this niche is super profitable from the last decade in dropshipping and this trend is going to continue for a very long time. In short, this is an Evergreen Industry to work and put your money at any time of the year.
  4. Well-crafted, professionally designed, and masterly branded for a long-term brand image, this store will take you to new heights in your entrepreneurial journey.
  5. Passed through my most rigorous checklist, this store is perfectly ready to make sales and become profitable in a very short amount of time.


Research and Development

From my years of experience in this industry, I have true knowledge and know-how of choosing profitable niches and products. This niche has tremendous value and can make you solid returns on your investment in a very short time, given you market it well.

I only begin with building stores when I am completely sure about the market cap and profitability factor of my chosen products. After a complete week of thorough research and in-depth analysis, I present to you this product which has the capability to scale easily and fulfil your revenue goals:

  1. Google keyword planner data: The main keyword of the store "wireless earphone" itself has 10K-100K average monthly searches in the US alone. This point explains the high demand for the product quite well. (See attachment #1)
  2. Google trends of the product: The main search term "wireless earphone" has been trending at the top since the last month and this trend is going to continue for quite some time. There is no better time than this to start with this product. (See attachment #2)
  3. Average orders on Aliexpress suppliers: The average number of orders on all Aliexpress suppliers of this product is over 10,000 orders. This indicates the demand for the product and tells us that the market is not saturated yet.
  4. Save people’s time: One of the main benefits of this product is it saves a lot of time for frequent travelers cleaning their cars on the go and it would definitely give them a reason to buy it.
  5. Passes my product validation checklist: I only work on products that qualify my top-secret checklists so that you don't have to worry about the data validation.
  6. Domain value worth 1228$: The domain is worth 1228$ according to GoDaddy itself. The value of such domains with direct traffic from Google is worth a lot more than people assume. (See attachment #3)


What do you get with the store?

You must focus on how to get sales and maintain your business in the long term because the rest is already taken care of.

This one investment can make your life the easiest. In simple words: Low Workload and High Income. Here are some of the most valuable perks you’ll be getting from me:

1. Premium Branded Domain Name (Worth 1228$)+Business Email Id

The domain name of this premium dropshipping store and is very professional, short, and easily memorable.

Please look at the attached document #3 at the end of how much this domain is currently worth. The price for such domain names easily manifolds after a year.

A business email address is very important for a brand. Therefore, I have already included a support email address along with the domain name. 

2. Digital Assets such as premium theme, logo, favicon, premium banners, legal pages, licensed stock images & videos, etc.

The listing includes all the digital assets of the store:

  1. Premium Theme(worth over 250$): The theme installed on the store is fully functional and custom coded where necessary to provide you with ultimate store functionality.
  2. Logo and Favicon are well-designed to give your store a branded look.
  3. Premium Banners: All the banners are professionally designed to attract customers.
  4. Product Images: All product images are in High-Quality.
  5. Licensed Stock Images & videos. You will receive licensed stock images & videos worth hundreds of dollars for your store branding.
  6. Social Media Pages. You will also receive the Facebook and Instagram pages of the store.

3. Profitable Niche

As I have already said, I always research comprehensively before finalizing which niche to work in. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the performance of the given niche. You can easily scale this store given you market it correctly and put the right efforts in.

4. Professional product research with supplier details

I always put weeks of advanced-level research in choosing what products to sell. As you see, the product is the number-one factor when it comes to the success of a dropshipping business and therefore my top-most priority is choosing it right. The supplier for the product I chose is trusted and credible. Order fulfillment only takes a few minutes each day.

This product is going to be super profitable for people who take immediate action. This listing is being watched by a lot of people and they can see the research I have done, they will go to their desktops, make a store on this product and start advertising it, but it will take time.

You can easily outperform them by skipping all the hard work, all the product research, validation, supplier research, and professional branded store-making process and go straight to advertising it. Believe me, the toughest part of the business is already done for you.

5. Expert-level Copywriting

In my career span of over 10 years, I have seen a lot of online businesses fail because they couldn’t express what they do and why people need to buy their products. This is easily avoidable by leveraging the power of an expert copywriter who can understand your business process and make it super interesting for customers and can lure them into buying your products.

The copywriting on the store I have listed is done by one of the industry-best experts and in such a way that can increase the conversion rate of the store and make people buy.

This includes all the homepage description, product descriptions, page content, and Facebook ad copies.

6. SEO Done

The store is SEO-friendly and all the copywriting such as product descriptions, product titles, page content, and page URLs, etc. is done with SEO. The important and necessary keywords are highlighted in the store for better search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) can do wonders for you if done right. Many of my stores get a chunk of free organic traffic from search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Therefore, I always make sure my stores are optimized for On-page and Off-page SEO.

7. A Professional Video Ad with Voiceover

I will also create a professional video ad with voiceover included advertising on the different social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The video ad is completely custom made with industry best software ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’.

You might have seen those typical dropshipping ads with annoying background music that thousands of other ads are using at the same time. I, on the other hand, after lots of testing and studying my own failures have been using voiceover in every video ad I test. They look high-end and can result in higher CTA and more sales due to solid engagement.

You just have to advertise it to the right audience.

I’ll be giving you a unique, custom made, never used before and professional video ad with voiceover included.



My life changed when I transitioned into the dropshipping business from my Import-Export business. I was surprised by the fact that it wasn’t affected by the borders of different countries nor did it have any restriction laws like in my previous business.

The world economy is getting bigger and bigger each day and people are spending a ton of money each year than they were doing last year. And a major part of their shopping is done online. And don’t you forget, the Q4 has already begun. This is the best time for online businesses to thrive since people spend the most in this quarter.

If you can believe it, you can make it happen. It can be the best investment of your life if you can leverage the amount of quality work being given to you in this listing.



As I already said before, this listing consists of everything you need to be successful in the dropshipping business. I have made it pretty clear that my one and only intention is to create entrepreneurs who can create their own income and live the life of their dreams. And that is why this listing is not expensive even though the benefits you are getting with it are premium. If you want to let me breakdown the total cost of the store:

  1. Product Research- 50$
  2. Store Creation- 250$
  3. A Premium Theme- 250$
  4. Branded Premium Domain - 1228$
  5. Other Digital Assets- 150$
  6. Copywriting - 50$
  7. ON-Page SEO - 50$
  8. Voiceover Video Ad - 70$


And you can get it by clicking on BUY-IT-NOW for just 199$.

NOTE: The immense value provided in this listing is beyond my own expectations and I must make it clear that you can end this auction right now by clicking on BUY-IT-NOW. Get it before anyone else makes their mind and becomes profitable.

All of the prices that you can see for each service are 100% correct and this is what I charge from my clients on freelancing platforms. These prices are not over-exaggerated and 100% true. If you come to buy any of the above packages from any freelancing platforms, you’ll have to pay even more than the amount given above. For a very limited time, I have set the BIN price to only 199$. Yes, you heard it right. Click on the BIN button right now and end this listing before someone gets lucky and saves a total of 1899$

How can the buyer take this project further?

This business can be easily run and remain profitable in the long term if you can market it well. The process is pretty much this:

  1. Maintaining ad campaigns: You advertise the product via running ads on social media.
  2. Fulfillment of Orders: You get orders and fulfill those orders from your supplier.
  3. Email support: You reply to any buyer having problems with ordering.

The best way to get started is by running ads on Facebook Business Manager. After the ad review by Facebook, it can be started the same day and you can start fulfilling orders through the fulfillment app I have already installed for your convenience. With the help of just a few clicks, you can re-order and the supplier will ship the product for your customers. You don’t have to take any stress for the same.

Next comes in managing this business is to actively reply and engage with your customers who may ask questions on how to order, shipping time, or if they have ordered it, they might ask what is the status of the order, etc. You can update your customers about the same by looking at the data given on your supplier’s platform. It’s super simple.

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