WordPress Plugin For e-Commerce Checkout

Customise the checkout process.

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A WordPress plugin that customizes the client's checkout experience to make it smoother and get more conversions.

About the business

Create Checkout Allows Woocomerce Owners to get more conversions

  • · customize the checkout experience as a Shopify store.

· 1 step checkout or 3 steps.

· Re-design checkout from default woocommerce stores.


The business makes money by selling annual licences for plugin use. Store owners can't use the plugin without a licence.

Another way you can earn money is by getting a % off each sale the store owner gets (this isn't implemented)


The customers we had were acquired via Twitter. Only using self-promotion tweets, no ads. We also wrote some articles.


Right now the plugin is free so people can still test it out.

We've had more than 150+ downloads.

We've sold the plugin at the beginning of the plugin creation (2019) we've got more than 50 orders just organically. With revenue of 500+ €.

We believe that this plugin has lots of potential with paid ads. But right now we have other projects going on.


Additional Notes

Currently, the website is in Spanish but I will translate it if desired.

The ideal buyer for this plugin would be someone that knows how to programme on PHP and Javascript so he can edit anything on the code.



Tools & Technologies

Javascript, PHP, WooCommerce, Wordpress

Skills Required

Programming, Strategy, Sales


Business, E-Commerce, Other, Payments, Shopping

Reason for Selling

I don't currently have enough money to keep it going


This listing has been successfully sold.

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