Workflow Management Starter SaaS

A workflow management product for creative teams to manage their briefs, jobs and creative work.

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Executive Summary

A workflow management tool that is powerful, proven and easy to use, that is ready-built to roll out across marketing agencies within days.

It is a custom-built workflow management product for creative teams to manage their briefs, jobs and creative work. 

Option to buy the assets or the UK registered business which is tax registered and GDPR compliant. 

The project was built from two years of real-world feedback working with creative teams in Boots, Chelsea FC and others around the UK (across all industries).

The project was designed for creative agencies, marketing agencies and in-house teams managing creative projects from brief through to delivery, to: 

  • Find redundant tasks - save time, fewer meetings, less management, more time to be creative and focus on your work
  • Identify areas of improvement - reduce costs, streamline the process, pass on value to the client or in-house department
  • Achieve new levels of efficiency - management overview, track actions and clear reporting
  • Simplify communication - at every stage

Our tool is unique in that it takes minimal time to configure, set up and roll out. There are just enough options to tailor it to each team's needs but few enough to make this an admin-lite job. There is no training or onboarding required for anyone other than the admin user(s), no how-to guides needed, no training materials to be maintained and rolled out, etc. The tool is stripped back and decluttered but powerful enough to add real impact immediately without the need and expense of custom configuration, taking weeks or months. 


  • Strengths

Young, agile, modern and niche tool, built for the target market from real-world user needs (not from a product manager best guessing what they may or may not want or need). 

  • Opportunities

The reach for this is international and across all industries. Our initial target market was the creative sector but we planned on growing this organically (e.g. to the events sector, not to compete with the likes of Eventbrite but to help events teams manage all the deliverables they need in the run-up to their events). 

Another opportunity is to sell this into large agencies/chains with the option of customising it entirely to their bespoke requirements, and/or sell to an existing established product where this tool could be subsumed, adding instant value to the purchaser's customer base. 

The business is UK-registered and currently operates in the UK only - however, this is only due to the cost implications of both development and legalities. We are GDPR compliant and were planning on trading internationally, this would not be particularly expensive or onerous to implement quite quickly.

The business and product, as is, would provide a very fast ROI to:

  • a business/individual with an existing marketing & sales function or framework
  • a group of agencies looking for a product they can own and roll out to their agencies within days, driving the MI (management information), improving profitability and so on
  • a business with an existing product that ours could be subsumed into, adding instant value to their existing customer base


Minimal at present - there are no fixed overheads beyond a few basic admin-type subscriptions and the minimal cost of keeping the domains and AWS running. The current monthly bill for these things comes to around £50! There are no fixed staff costs as our team is made up of freelancers. 

Due to minimal platform usage and us pausing continued dev work, there are no bugs or support tickets either coming in or expected. The platform is young enough that there isn't the sort of technical debt where this would be difficult to manage at volume.


None really, hence the motivation to sell. The founder always intended to bootstrap and had a solid go-to-market plan in place for launch in late spring of 2020 - then the pandemic came along and changed the landscape. Bootstrapping has meant we've been able to build a beautiful product but not market it aggressively enough in the new landscape to gain anywhere near as much traction as hoped for, even with organic growth. 

The product needs even a small cash injection into marketing and sales activity for this to be successful - the founder doesn't have the capacity to continue bootstrapping or go out for fundraising. 


Happy to share the books when needed. The financials are pretty basic at present due to no revenue and minimal outgoings. The pricing model is solid (X per user per month subscription, paid monthly or annually). There shouldn't be any seasonal trends except the usual ones for new sales. 

There are no debts or liabilities either way, the business is UK registered as a limited company and VAT registered. 

Seller Bio

Andreea is a self-confessed geek and lover of how software can transform the way of working for a team or whole company. Keen to influence the creative sector to do things differently, Andreea launched Toovor in February 2020. 

Launching a business during lockdown was never going to be easy, but Andreea is no stranger to starting businesses during recessions as she had learnt a huge amount starting a business selling services to the residential property market 10 years previously.

Andreea could be described as a self-taught, serial entrepreneur – thriving on a variety of business problems and looking for opportunities to create solutions that others haven’t considered before. Falling into tech by accident and taking to tech like a duck to water, she soon found that she had an extremely valuable, and some would say rare, the skill of being able to translate between developers and customers – the bridge needed to really make things happen.

After gaining real-world feedback and software development experience, Andreea realised a gap in the market and created the listed project - an aspiring start-up with an untraditional, niche solution that brings everything to do with managing a creative project into one place, from the initial brief all the way through to delivery. 

Seller Notes

The sale will include all IP and items pertaining to the tool/platform, including the code base, AWS and GitHub accounts, designs (already implemented and planned for future work), the roadmap as developed so far, the domains, social media accounts and so on. 

Very happy to answer any questions! 

Free trial available on the website to give it a whirl. 

How can the buyer take this project further?

The product and platform are ready to go, it needs someone/a business with a marketing and sales function already in place (which I don't have and can't fund any more, sadly) to quickly make this the success it can and will be. If I didn't believe this, I wouldn't waste my time listing it for sale. 

Tools & Technologies

AWS, React

Skills Required

Marketing, Sales



Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

Your Options

Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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