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Asking for feedback for the innovative product we have built

FormSubmit Email Link: Basically, we are planning to alter the HTML default mailto: functionality.FormSubmit Email Link is the most secure and the simplest way to r...

user347931 @user347931 Posted 4 months ago 25 views 1 reply user347931

Thought's on Ryan Kulp's Microacquisitions Course

It's quite expensive so wanted to check if anyone here has completed the Micro Acquisitions course by Ryan Kulp. If yes, is it worth the investment? Does the content in Ryan's course apply to buyer...

user605986 @user605986 Posted 7 months ago 93 views 2 replies bm user684524

Looking for technical co-founder for side hustles

Greetings all, hope everyone is well.  I'm a SaaS CFO by day but like to dabble in SaaS apps as a side hustle.  I've got a couple sites that are functional but could use some pushing forward.  Rath...

user927592 @user927592 Posted 7 months ago 86 views 3 replies user927592 sn user79781

Feedback needed on

CodiTools is a collection of online tools and utilities for text, numbers, dates, and various other data types.The tools provide a quick and easy way to explore, calculate, validate, and manipulate...

drkat @drkat Posted 8 months ago 29 views 1 reply user635588

Purchase of agreement?

 I got this message from Escrow: In order to comply with AML regulations, we require you to submit the following documents to proceed with this transaction. Please contact [email protected] if you...

user386471 @user386471 Posted 8 months ago 54 views 0 replies

A website builder that seamlessly connects to airtable

That's right!I am making a website builder and I built the landing page for that using itself. I am primarily making it to be compatible with airtable, so that you can display dynamic data right fr...

saidatta123 @saidatta123 Posted 8 months ago 45 views 2 replies saidatta123 yuyu

Feedback needed

Email Verification Add-on is a tool that alows you to validate email addresses directly in Google Sheets. It was created to simplify the verification process. We brought the service to the place wh...

opryshok @opryshok Posted 9 months ago 24 views 2 replies opryshok user503122

Sellers, how did you decide on the price of your project?

There are many ways to value small businesses, but when it comes to side-projects, there is no clear-cut way to establish what a project is worth. Value is subjective.Micro-businesses or revenue-ge...

bm @bm Posted 9 months ago 57 views 0 replies

No Code No Problem Podcast

Check out the No Code No Problem cool short-form podcast and let us know what you think.   

bm @bm Posted 9 months ago 19 views 2 replies bm drkat

What books must other IndieMakers read when buying and selling micro-businesses?

What books have helped you buy, grow or sell small businesses. Share your suggestions with other makers to help them negotiate and close deals faster. 

bm @bm Posted 10 months ago 37 views 0 replies

Learn how to buy, grow and sell small companies

If you are new to buying and selling side-projects or small businesses, we highly recommend that you check out the Micro PE course by founder, Ryan Kulp. 

bm @bm Posted 10 months ago 70 views 2 replies tuna sn

Product Update: All new registration and login experience

No passwords,  zero frustration. Meet our all-new registration and login process.For reasons we won't obsess about now, we had countless issues with registration and login on our system. We underst...

bm @bm Posted 10 months ago 17 views 0 replies

Product Update: Escrow integration

Anybody that has bought or sold projects and small businesses know that having a trusted service to collect, hold and release funds in a sale is critical to peace of mind during a transaction. We p...

bm @bm Posted 10 months ago 60 views 0 replies

Product Update: Improved Trust Indicators

In any business deal trust and secure transacting is of the utmost importance.  Not only are many users, both buyers and sellers, but many buyers wish to make offers anonymously. The number one rea...

bm @bm Posted 10 months ago 10 views 0 replies

Product update: Introducing User Profiles

You are now able to see basic user information when looking at a listing. Information includes username, profile photo and how long they have been a member on the website. Additional information is...

bm @bm Posted 10 months ago 20 views 0 replies

Escrow is not supported in my country

Hello, Congratulations on the revamp. I heard you are using I just want to tell you that it does not support certain countries like mine. Therefore, I request you to add PayPal as a pay...

user954679 @user954679 Posted 11 months ago 45 views 2 replies sn sheriff

1kProjects now IndieMaker. Welcome!

We're excited to announce that 1kProjects has officially rebranded to IndieMaker as of 12 March 2020. We've taken a leap, and not only rebuilt the platform from the ground up but renamed it. Moving...

bm @bm Posted 12 months ago 658 views 0 replies
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