We're excited to announce that 1kProjects has officially rebranded to IndieMaker as of 12 March 2020. We've taken a leap, and not only rebuilt the platform from the ground up but renamed it. Moving forward, you'll see our new platform, email addresses and Twitter account. 

Why rebrand? 

Rebranding is a significant undertaking and something we considered carefully. After listening to lots of customer feedback, we felt that implementing a new name and identity with the release of the new platform made sense. Not only did we want to expand the scope and range of services we offer, but the perception of the name didn't align with our mission. The platform has a brand new name and a fresh new look, but it will remain dedicated to independent makers and business owners. We believe that the new name will help us reach and meet the needs of this unique world of bootstrapped, Indie product makers - both for acquiring and selling projects and products. 

Here’s what’s new 

We focussed on making something that was quite loved even better. In this first version, we hope to improve the listing experience, the quality of the listings, weed out fake offers, and improve on the often cumbersome process of transacting and transferring assets. This version includes the following new features: 

  • a new brand name and a fresh new look
  • much-improved browsing, searching and filtering experience
  • a new offers system with some necessary fraud detection
  • seller tools and more promotional packages
  • buyers tools to better keep track of offers
  • Integration with Escrow to ensure smooth and risk-free transacting
  • RSS feeds for those wanting to syndicate content
  • forum dedicated to questions around buying and selling projects, products and micro online businesses
  • a shiny new help desk where you can get in touch with us via email and online form
  • brand new twitter account and new newsletter

The platform and rebrand have been in development for quite some time. We wanted to get to know the community, gather feedback and improve the platform incrementally. We soon realised this plan was flawed and decided to rebuild the platform from the ground up. We spent a lot of time interviewing sellers, buyers and relevant stakeholders. Once we had a clear idea of how to resolve challenging problems and better serve buyers and sellers, we set out on Brand Development, Interface Design and Platform Development. In our eyes, the platform is still a work in progress - there are lists of things we'd still love to do. But instead of obsessing about perfection we'd rather work with our customers to improve. Our promise to you is that we will improve weekly. We hope the new platform is something you not only like but love. 

What you should do 

You will be receiving an email that contains a link to the new platform and your unique temporary password. You should log into your account and update your password as soon as you can. All your listings and offers will be in your account. 

Thank you for helping us grow 

Thank you for all the comments, questions, feedback and support. You have been most patient with us! We are passionate about Indie makers and owner-operated online businesses. We promise to do our best in creating a space where you can buy and sell hassle-free while getting first-class support and content. We welcome all feedback, get in touch with our support team or get to know our owners by connecting with them on the forum. We are working on improving this version of the platform, please be patient with us as we squash the last bugs and fix a couple of niggles. 

Happy buying and selling!